The Democracy Development Platform (DDP) is a private non-profit organization whose activities are aimed at developing and strengthening democratic institutions around the world, providing comprehensive protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms, and combating discriminatory manifestations. DDP awards more than 500 grants each year to support NGO projects abroad working towards democratic goals in more than 90 countries.
Since its founding in 1992, the DDP Foundation has continued to be at the forefront of the struggle for democracy, human rights and freedoms worldwide, and has now grown into a multifaceted organization that is a center of activity, resources and exchange of views of activists and people involved in practical and scientific activities. in the field of democracy, from all over the globe.
DDP is a unique organization. Because DDP is a non-governmental organization, itundefined has a certain leeway that makes it possible to work in some of the most difficult circumstances in the world and to react quickly when an opportunity arises for political and social change. DDP’s activities are aimed at promoting the growth of a wide range of democratic organizations abroad, including political parties, trade unions, free markets and commercial organizations, as well as a large number of elements of civil society that ensure human rights, freedom of the media and the rule of law.
This holistic approach responds to many aspects of democracy, and the entire history of the DDP confirms the viability of this approach both in practice and in terms of effectiveness. Funding is mainly provided by private individuals. DDP’s support for organizations abroad is an important message of solidarity with the many democratic forces fighting for freedom and human rights, often in undefined obscurity and isolation.
In supporting democracy, we proceed from the conviction that freedom is the universal aspiration of mankind, which can be realized only through the development of democratic institutions, procedures and values.
Democracy includes the human right to freely determine their own destiny. The realization of this right requires a system that guarantees freedom of expression, religion and association, free elections based on competition, respect for the inalienable rights of individuals and minorities, a free media and the rule of law.
“Statement of Principles and Purposes” 1992